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Hello! I'm Tailah Williams. I'm a passionate
3D animator from Brooklyn, New York.

I cherish animating and creating a connected experience for the viewer. At a young age, I watched a lot of Japanese animation, the visual storytelling of the characters and the fantasy worlds encouraged me to explore the wonders of animation.

I enjoy making characters come to life on the screen. When I'm animating a character I make sure they show realistic actions while pushing the exaggeration to create a great animated performance. I believe through strong emotions and body language the story can truly come to life. Brainstorming ideas to produce the same connected feeling I got as a child towards animated movies pushes me as an animator to make another viewer feel the same way.​

Though when I'm not animating I like to spend my time playing video games, I enjoy creating clothes and cosplaying as fictional characters. I'm very family-oriented so I love spending time with my goofy loud family.

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