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Behind The Dream (2021)

The Animation Project 


"Behind the Dream" tells the story of a child who is invited behind the scenes to witness the magic behind animation and its power to bring their dream to life.

A 3D animated short film

Working in a group of 15 interns we've gotten the chance to take on various roles.
Though we had a limited amount of time, the team was able to pull the shots together and make a film that can represent the captivating process of animation. Our main character takes a tour around the studio, guided by the lead robot they make sure to bring the main character's vision to life. 
On the team, we thought this was a great concept, we all have different connections and experiences with animation. This did not hinder our work ethic because we all were able to obtain feedback through daily meetings and just generally share our work. I worked on about three shots for the film, I had a fun time animating the character and collaborating with my peers and instructors. We all got the chance to work on a full production for a short film and learn how to bring a story to life.

Videos courtesy of and owned byThe Animation Project
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