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Pirate Lesson (2021) Trailer



A pirate father finds a battle as the perfect opportunity to give his son a driving lesson.

A 3D animated short film with a 2D painterly style and effects. 

Tai parekeet PL end credit.png

Working with my crewmates of 10 I had a great time helping to see this movie evolve into the now explosive painstaking adventure of a pirate family. My main role on Pirate Lesson was 3D character animator. Animating goofy birds, an intimidating but tame father, a simple-minded son, and an enraged Kraken I've gained the experience to bring a variety of comedic and cartoony energy to each of the characters. 

On the team, we've grown so much with our characters and gave them so many contrasting characteristics so they have their own lovable individuality. Learning a very cartoony slapstick style animating on 2's really pushed us animators to make sure the scene felt intense or funny. Working on several shots for the film I had a great time learning what it takes to work on a full production for a short film and the crew and characters will always stick with me.


Pirate Lesson: Father
3D turnaround

  • Lead character modeler and texture artist for the father character within Pirate Lesson. 

Modeled within Zbrush and Autodesk Maya

  • Compositing this shot and others in addition to animating some 2DFX's

Software: Adobe After Effects and Photoshop

Pirate Lesson: Seq30_sh150

cannon balls.jpg
Little flag.jpg
Screenshot 2020-12-14 040825.jpg
  • Texturing assets to represent a 2D painterly style

Software: Autodesk Maya and Photoshop

Pirate Lesson: 3D Prop Assets


Here is where you can read a little about the CREW

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Images and videos courtesy of and owned by Savannah College of Art and Design. 

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